Opportunity Zones

Carrie Furnace, Rankin, Pennsylvania

Carrie Furnace, Rankin, Pennsylvania


opportunity zones present a chance to truly transform our nation's economy, driving investment back into the cities that built this country and to the neighborhoods wrongly left behind...we can help you make that opportunity a reality.

Emerging as an early leader in the Opportunity Zone incentive sector, PEL Analytics provides a portfolio of services to cities, economic development authorities, anchor institutions, states, and select investors on all aspects of the program. PEL Analytics' team worked closely with Senator Cory Booker, one of the two lead sponsors of the program, governors, mayors, and dozens of other community leaders on the development of the program and, ultimately, the designation of zones in several states.

Since designation, our team has begun working with a small group of cities and states around the country in order to develop implementation strategies that will not only help set their zones a part from the other 8,700 spread across the country, but meet rigorous inclusive development standards, create local jobs, and engage "side-lined" local individual and corporate capital.

Opportunity Zone services we provide:

  • State/local incentive alignment, focus on tax abatement, tax exempt financing, and existing federal credits (e.g., New Markets Tax Credits)

  • Formation of local/anchor institution Qualified Opportunity Funds

  • Opportunity Zone engagement strategies for tax exempt entites, such as universities, hospitals, and pension funds

  • Opportunity Zone Public Private Partnership financing

  • Technical assistance for cities, developers, and entrepreneurs on qualifying businesses or projects

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